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Demographic Profile 


Please indicate points earned at selected level    

Unit Construction:

  • Unit goals
  • Assessment plan
  • Lesson plans
  • Aligned assessment
      Beginning Level: Several components of lessons are missing and there is little alignment within and among lessons. Demonstrates major misunderstanding of planning strategies. Differentiation is not present. 0-24 points Developing Level: Missing at least one item from right. Components of lessons are present, but it may difficult to see how they come together as a cohesive unit; alignment may be lacking. Instructional strategies may seem overused or unvaried, and differentiation is not well considered. 25-31 points Target Level: The candidate translates goals into specific knowledge, skills, and dispositions for diverse learners aligned with the Standards of Learning. At least three complete lesson plans have clear lesson steps and come together to form an especially cohesive unit. The candidate incorporates multiple instructional strategies and organizes students for learning in various ways for various instructional purposes. The candidate modifies instruction to meet the needs of individuals and groups of students. The candidate designs meaningful learning experiences to differentiate for a variety of diverse learners. pre-assessment of student knowledge, skills, and dispositions and uses that information to plan effective instruction; uses various authentic summative assessment strategies to determine learning gains; and employs authentic formative assessment strategies to monitor student learning on a daily basis. 32-40 points

Data Analysis

      Beginning Level: Data display and analysis are missing, inaccurate, or unprofessional and/or candidate does not analyze data. Candidate does not use initial data, which negatively impacts on student learning. 0-12 points Developing Level: Data display and analysis are presented, but may appear confusing, awkward, or slightly inaccurate. Candidate mentions initial assessment but does not have explanations for some important aspects of the data. 13-16 points Target Level: The candidate summarizes assessment data in a professionally presented graphic display. The candidate analyzes and interprets data accurately and ethically for individual students and groups of students. The candidate uses initial assessment results to plan remediation for individual students. 17-20 points


      Beginning Level: Reflections are missing, or very brief and superficial. Conclusions do not reflect an understanding of the findings. 0-12 points Developing Level: Reflections discuss some elements of instruction and student understanding but are not thorough. Conclusions seem related to findings but are not detailed or may lack clarity. 13-16 points Target Level: Reflections show true understanding of student learning and behaviors and are thorough. The candidate reflects on the experience, acknowledging what worked and what didn’t. The candidate articulates how to apply what was learned to future teaching experiences. 17-20 points